Come and see us at UKLCA

CDM will be attending the UKLCA Conference 30th to 31st January 2019

It’s almost certain, we have or will experience similar problems whilst running and growing our lawncare business.

A few years ago, this was my life:
“I needed to grow my lawn care business, economic recession slowed down new customer acquisition, operating margins under pressure, increased competition and I needed more staff!”

My business was growing, but so was my time getting bogged down in:

  • Managing staff;
  • Completing quotations;
  • Managing routes and reducing rescheduled calls.

I had lots of creative ideas, but little time to action them, I found it hard answer basic questions such as:

  • how long does it take you to complete a treatment;
  • why are you charging that rate;
  • how efficient are your routes?

My operational world was spreadsheets for this, lists for that, delegation was hard, systems were complicated, and then we had to collect payments!

As our business continued to grow, “I could only see that my life was going to get harder reducing my time I could spend growing my business, and worst eating into valuable family time.

There had to be a better way…. I had to take back control”

We started to look for an innovative IT system to manage the workload for our business. It became clear that there were a number of systems on the market, but more managing mobile engineers or sales reps. So we set about developing “Call Data Manager” lawn care system.

Come and meet John and Richard at the conference and explore how Call Data Manager could help you and your business.