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A lawn operator story

When we started to explore lawncare systems, a number were available, but not UK based and not using “cloud” technology, we didn’t feel they met our needs.

So we set about developing "Call Data Manager". I now spend my weekends with my family rather than in the office.

The Beginnings

Why Call Data Manager

We set about developing "Call Data Manager" to reduce the administrative burden of running a lawn care business, whilst being a cost effective “all inclusive” system, we don’t charge per system user, we don’t have add on modules or charge for emails to customers, we didn't want to have to use specialist pre-printed stationary, we just have a price per active customer.

Call Data Manager is an innovative lawn care management system designed to manage the workload and grow with your business. I now spend my weekends with my family rather than in the office.

If you running your own lawncare business, and looking for a cost effective software solution, why not contact us for a Free demonstration and join our growing community of users.

Telephone: 0115 837 8439 or E-mail using our contact us form.

The Journey
CDM Technology

Meet the team



Richard Forrest

Richard has worked with database systems for many years. Richard created the original database system attaining a thorough understanding of the lawn service process. As the business grew and a more dynamic system was needed Richard was ready to create a new cloud based system, unleashing new system features.

When he is not creating system code and interrogating databases, Richard enjoys studying plesiosaurs.


Call Data Manager Founder


John Draper

John has been running his lawncare business for over 15 years. The business has earnt a reputation for good customer service.

Developing Call Data Manager has been a big contributor to service levels, staff satisfaction and local reputation. Embracing technology has enabled the business to operate with limited back office resource whilst keeping a keen overview of the business.

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