User Review “I would thoroughly recommend the software”

In 2018 I took the decision to specialise in lawn care. Very quickly, I built my client base to a level where managing scheduling was becoming problematic. The lawn survey and quotation process was arduous with treble keying or more, a common feature of my day which led me to spend precious time at the weekends working in the business rather than spending it with family or on my hobbies. The lack of structure in my daily routine meant I was carrying the metaphorical ‘kitchen sink’ around with me and my routes were inefficient.

I new something had to change quickly or I just wasn’t going to cope with maintaining the high levels of customer service I wanted to. After making enquires within the UK industry, I was introduced to John Draper and Richard Forrest of Call Data Manager. The software they had developed convinced me that it was great value for money and flexible enough to tailor the seasonal scheduling, survey and quotation process, pricing, and route planning, application records and invoicing to the needs of my business. As I got used to using the system, the time spent on managing each aspect of my business started to reduce and profits increased!

There is now a growing community of satisfied users and I would thoroughly recommend the software to existing and new lawn care professionals.

Sean Coyne
ApeironUK® Lawn Care Ltd