User review – Kingsbury Lawncare

I highlighted in autumn 2018 that for the continued growth of Kingsbury Lawn Care we needed to upgrade our software package in the future. We were using Jobber at the time which we found was an ideal software for a mowing operation, but had several pitfalls with regards the specialised nature of the UK lawn care market. Jobber had many benefits, and switching software is a daunting thought, so I felt we could hang on for a further year.

After meeting up with John Draper, and chatting all things business that November, I made the call that the switch to using Call Data Manager was a matter of time – seeing the benefit of just getting on with it during what would be our final ‘steady’ winter. With CDM pricing based on our customer numbers, I calculated that even with growth the cost of the package would be on a par with the Jobber Loyalty Rate. It was a big factor for a growing business that cash wasn’t going out before it was coming in.

With this pricing structure, it is in the interests of John and Richard that CDM businesses grow and it shows. Responses to problems from Richard are rapid, and the annual CDM Workshop results in learnings which save time and money for the upcoming year. New ideas are considered for the benefit of all – such as our needs to accommodate some remaining mowing customers.

There has been a list of factors that resulted in a boom in trade for my business in 2019, but the best software package for our needs allowed us to convert more leads than ever before, with acceptance from quotes sometimes coming in via email before I could get back to the office. I’m seeing first hand that the system works for (and be very cost effective) a new starter / small business, through to a business with over a thousand accounts.

After what was a big decision, we’re very happy with the route we’ve taken. After a full 12 months on the system we are ready for an exciting 2020.

Jack Chapman
Owner, Kingsbury Lawn Care Ltd